About Me

Hi, my name is Juan. I have a bio-medical degree from the University of Southampton and I currently finished a Master in Science Communication. At the moment I am studying a Master in Human Nutrition at the University of Surrey.

profileMy undergraduate degree at Southampton allowed me to appreciate medicine at a very molecular level; allowing me to truly realise the fundamentals of health and disease. Furthermore, I learned how to be critical of the scientific misinformation that is currently flooding the Internet and only trust credible and peer-reviewed evidence.

I have a special interest in the field of Nutrition as I believe that our diets will have a dramatic impact on our life expectancy by modifying the risk of countless diseases.

In my blog I discuss issues about nutrition in a simple manner that can be enjoyed by everyone. I love making my own diagrams as I believe this allows the audience to visualise the science and feel more engaged with the topic.

Please feel free to drop me a comment or to email me on juan.girones@hotmail.co.uk if you have any questions.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A pleasure to read as the articles are well researched, presented and beautifully illustrated. Most certainly they are high priority on my to do list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I use Powerpoint to make them. They take a bit of time but in the end it makes everything look more engaging and helps the reader understand the science better.


  2. Hi Juan,
    Thank you for your valuable information about nutrition and wishing you all the success in your career .



  3. Hola Juan, me encanta leer tu blog!!! Se aprende mucho y muy sencillamente explicado todo.

    Muchas gracias y muchos éxitos !!!

    Jacqueline Saghir


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